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Deye Shines at Solar & Storage Live Africa with Innovative Energy Solutions

Deye, a leading renewable energy solutions provider, made a significant impact at the Solar & Storage Live Africa exhibition, Africa's largest renewable energy event. Held at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg from March 18th to 20th, 2024, the exhibition showcased the latest advancements in the transition towards a greener and smarter energy ecosystem.

With over 20,000 industry professionals, 350 exhibitors, the event provided an unparalleled platform for Deye to showcase its cutting-edge products.

1. Residential PV Energy Storage System

Deye’s residential photovoltaic energy storage system has garnered substantial success in South Africa. In this Expo, Deye showcased a residential energy storage system comprising an 8kW single-phase hybrid inverter and two pieces of wall-mounted LV energy storage batteries, offering seamless integration and superior performance.

The Deye 8kW Single Phase Hybrid Inverter is tailored to meet the energy backup needs of small-scale households. Its user-friendly interface, featuring a vibrant touch LCD and IP65 protection, ensures durability and ease of operation. With support for up to 16 units in parallel and compatibility with multiple battery units, it provides unmatched flexibility for on-grid and off-grid functionality. Moreover, its 6 time periods for battery management optimize energy usage, making it an ideal choice for reliable energy storage solutions.

2. C&I  Energy Storage System

This C&I Energy Storage System combines a 50kW three-phase hybrid inverter and innovative BOS-G batteries. This solution can flexibly respond to different power needs and installation conditions, and can be freely configured as well as conveniently increase the system capacity and battery capacity at a later stage.

The Deye 50kW Three Phase Hybrid Inverter caters to medium to large-scale commercial and industrial applications. Featuring a maximum of 4 MPP trackers and a maximum operating input current of 36A per MPPT, it offers flexibility in module configuration. Additionally, it supports diesel generators and provides 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging, further enhancing its adaptability and utility.

The BOS-G battery features a standard 19-inch embedded design, LiFePO4 cathode material for safety and reliability, and an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) for comprehensive protection. Its eco-friendly design aligns perfectly with Deye's commitment to sustainability, offering a versatile solution for diverse energy storage needs.

3. Balcony Energy Storage Battery AE-F2.O-2H2

Addressing the growing trend of balcony energy storage, Deye introduces the AE-F2.O-2H2 balcony energy storage battery. Compact, portable, and versatile, this innovative solution redefines energy storage accessibility. Key features include a low-voltage design, all-in-one functionality, and a robust IP65 rating for durability. Equipped with USB-A and Type-C charging interfaces, it offers convenience and flexibility for diverse applications. Whether wall-mounted or stacked, this system boasts bidirectional AC/DC capabilities, a 2kWh LFP battery, and support for expansion up to 10kWh, catering to varying energy needs with ease.

Entering the South African market in 2019, Deye swiftly rose to prominence, becoming the leading hybrid inverter brand by 2020 with a market share exceeding 30%. Since then, Deye has maintained its position at the forefront, with its single-phase 5-16kW hybrid inverters consistently performing exceptionally well.

Deye's participation in Solar & Storage Live Africa demonstrates its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the renewable energy sector. With a diverse range of cutting-edge products tailored to meet the needs of consumers, Deye continues to pave the way towards a greener and more efficient energy landscape.